Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD platform. The utility is distinguished by its high efficiency from other software products. The program is easy to use and has all the necessary features that are included in popular CAD packages. The platform has a built-in knowledge base and covers the entire functionality of the software. Fusion 360 is ideal for companies where products are designed and simulated and later implemented. Don't forget about beginners who are looking for a professional tool to bring their product to market. With this program you will be able to perform operations in the cloud, such as rendering, modeling, shape optimization and generative design. Download the free official version of Fusion 360 from our website in just one click.

Fusion 360 is designed specifically for Windows and iOS operating systems.

Program options and features

Fusion 360 will allow each user to switch from one workspace to another. Each workspace has its own features and tools:

  • Design - Drawing three-dimensional models and surfaces using sketches, extrusions, rotations and other standard CAD tools.
  • Visualization - creation of realistic photos using visualization of certain parts and final products.
  • Animation - animated assemblies to be shown in the final product to a potential customer;
  • Simulation - Performing various stress and load analyses on structures while testing operating conditions.
  • Manufacturing - preparing parts for production using digital tools, such as CNC milling and turning machines, laser and waterjet machines.
  • Drawing - Creating a working design drawing for further fabrication in the hand shop or using G-code for a part machined on CNC machines.

Download Fusion 360

To install the cloud platform on your device you need to do several actions:

  1. click the link on our site;
  2. register on the platform;
  3. fill out a form offered by the platform;
  4. you must activate your license;
  5. wait for complete installation;
  6. Reload the program.

Everything is ready, you can use it.


Fusion 360 is the first 3D modeling tool of its kind that integrates the entire product development process on a single cloud platform that is compatible with both Windows and iOS.